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Outdoor Zodiac
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Bring the den outside!! The handsome Zodiac outdoor fireplace is a rectangular style fireplace. Like the Zozobra, this outdoor fireplace is a free standing wood burning fireplace with a Majestic ODSR36 Stainless Steel firebox.


Although these fireplaces are designed to be wood burning systems, the Majestic Al Fresco fireboxes can be converted to use an optional gas firelog kit.


The Zodiac fireplace will require a minimum 7' X 5' rectangular concrete pad with a minimum 4" thickness. This fireplace can be installed with left hand and/or right hand seating (concrete pad must be modified for options).

The Zodiac has a steel stud frame, 1/4 inch Beckerboard and can be finished with your choice of stucco color or a stone facade.


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